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What doesn't kill you...

Hurts like hell!

8 April
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What can I say? I'm a transplanted New Orleanian, then a transplanted
Texan. At heart, I'm an Alabama girl. I've been with my wonderful
husband, Scott, since 1991 and married to him since 1995.
We have dizygotic (fraternal for those of you not 'in the multiples know')
twin boys, Michael and Matthew, born in April of 2001. My current
career is with web strategy, most recently for Sun Microsystems.
In July 2005, I graduated from University of Phoenix with my
business degree, after attending Auburn University for visual arts and
art history 'way back when' in the late 80's - early 90's. Generally,
I enjoy reading, crafts of all kinds, buying things for my boys to see
their faces light up, Kokuro, working puzzles, knitting, painting,
constantly learning, teaching others, actually getting
a good night's rest and living a totally full and stressed life :)
My favorite release is drinking and shopping with friends.

I am a Southern Living independent consultant. I spent many years
hosting and attending parties because I LOVE their products -
particularly Gail Pittman's pottery. I finally have the time and
energy in my life to share this with others. If you would like to
look through the catalog, or just learn some decorating tips, go
to my site at http://www.southernlivingathome.com/trishhoward

I occasionally make custom beaded jewelry. It used to be my home-based
business, but then I realized I had too damn much going on in my life.
Now, I just make things when I feel like it or I get a commission.

In a similar way, I do decorative painting as a way to express myself.
One day, maybe I will get around to doing it professionally.

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User Number: 2889259
Date Created:4/19/2004
Number of Posts: 1371

Slinging web strategy and yarn, TrshTwns01 defeats all that get in her path - whether negative people, health issues or general bad luck. When not fighting crimes like bad web design, she can be found out with her Partners in Crime. Their destress techniques include drinking, dancing and shopping.
Strengths: Creativity, threat diffusion and Multiple-Mommy powers
Weaknesses: Money and health
Special Skills: Ability to craft her way out of any situation
Weapons: Size 5 21" knitting needles, mean roundhouse kick
Partners in crime: GS, Kim, Ang, Leener, Tina, Hubby-dearest

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