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LJ Interests meme results

  1. back pain:
    Yeah, back pain is an INTEREST? I'm interested in back pain for the obvious reasons - I have it constantly. :) I would like nothing more for it to never be a concern of mine again, but I'm stuck with it. Thus...it's listed.
  2. business:
    Business is something I have found I'm good at, really enjoyed studying in college, and seems to be a part of me.
  3. degenerative disk disease:
    See number 1.
  4. gardening:
    I don't get to do this quite enough, but I feel really comfortable out digging in the garden and seeing things that I have planted and tended bloom. It makes me not quite so stressed. Too bad we live somewhere it is so damn hot I only get a few good gardening weeks.
  5. ipod:
    LOVE my ipod. I have widely varied musical tastes, so this lets me listen to whatever I feel like at the moment, without searching.
  6. kindergarten:
    It's where my boys go next year, so I'm interested in learning what it will be like and making it enjoyable for them.
  7. pediatrics:
    With all of Matthew's medical problems, I've gotten quite an education in pediatrics. We sometimes surprise the doctors.
  8. reading:
    Reading is my LIFE. Always has been. I always keep a book with me, read a couple a week, plus magazines, and will read boxtops and labels if I have to.
  9. telecommuting:
    I work from home, and it is what makes my job so wonderful. It amazes me that we can work globally, getting so much accomplished, and never leave the house.
  10. twins:
    My PRIMARY interest :) My boys make my world.

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