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Life in the fast lane

  • Friday, we met with Matthew's teacher and the director of the school to discuss 'his behavior'. The teacher had spoken to me a couple of times in the last few weeks because she felt he was 'ignoring' her and 'disrespecting' her. I knew this wasn't true. Matthew lives in his head. It takes a lot to get through that barrier sometimes. If he is having a good day, he interacts and listens well. If not, you have to take rather elaborate steps to get through to him. We came armed with the information from his neurologist (who suspects ADHD, but wants to wait a year or two to put him on meds), and the school district, who also gave us tons of paper on ADHD in school and ways to address specific behaviors. Hopefully, with all of this information, and a bit more history, they will be better equipped to handle him. They said they have never really had to deal with ADHD children at this age, or any kind of learning problems, so they were just trying to fit him into their rigid curriculum. They thought he was being 'bad' when he didn't participate or didn't listen. *sigh* I get so frustrated with him sometimes, but it is NOT something he is intentionally doing, and he isn't a bad kid. There is a line the school district drew, and below that line you get free special education preschool. Matthew was only 2 points above that line. We know this was only after an afternoon with him, and reading reports, and have a feeling once he starts kindergarten next year, and they have a bit more exposure to him, they may rethink his eligibility. I want him to be able to learn to his fullest potential, and if the way he is being taught isn't working, it needs to change.

  • Matthew got up several times coughing a little and saying he was going to barf. Since he wasn't coughing the rest of the time, I thought it might be his reflux (the reflux irritating his throat, making him cough and feel he needed to throw up). He was REALLY grumpy this morning, and now he has a 100.6 fever. I hope it turns out to be a 24 hour bug of some kind.

  • We got up early and watched the Plano Balloon Festival morning launch. About 20 balloons were up and we got to watch them come towards the house. We have fields all around our neighborhood, and an open playground across from our house, so the balloons frequently land all around us. My mother, the kids and I hopped in the van and did a little balloon chasing. We got to see several land and the boys really liked it. Last year they got to go to the festival at night and see the 'twinkle' - where all of them are on the ground and light up to music. We were going to go tonight, but with Matthew's fever we're going to stay home.

  • After balloon chasing, we went to the church rummage sale and a vendor fair in the neighborhood next to ours. I got a FAKE Kate Spade bag. Yep - knew it was fake and still bought it. The label is glued on, for goodness sake. It's not even a style they produce. But it is a NICE looking purse. I think I got hooked when I found a REAL Kate Spade Claire bag, in red nylon, at a garage sale for less than $5. Champagne taste on a beer budget, huh?

  • If the kids feel better, tomorrow is Oktoberfest. If Matthew isn't better, Michael and Scott will go and I'll stay home with Matthew.

  • My laptop is really and truly dead again. My boss is going to escalate again, and tell them that my lost time and repairs have now far exceeded the cost of a new laptop. I just hope they see that and get me a new laptop soon. At what point do you admit the thing is a dud and just replace it? It's broken the SAME WAY 4 times!

  • It's official. Now that I have watched some of my shows in HD, I'm loving the new TV.

  • Saw some shirts being sold to raise funds for breast cancer research. 100% went to the cause. I got two great new t-shirts. One pink, one white, both with crystals outlining various things. Quite nice looking.

  • I also just got back from grocery shopping and I think it's official now that between a man on Atkins and two four year old boys, I'm being eaten out of house and home. We eat a LOT of convenience foods, however, so it could improve. We were out of almost everything, so I had to go and get lots of meat, paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), cereals, things like that. It was almost $300!!!! This had better last a while!
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