trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

No Zzzzs

I had one of those evenings where leaning forward felt like someone was stabbing me, and my spine generally throbbed. I took a single Ultram, hoping it would knock the pain back enough but still allow me to sleep. No dice. I have major insomnia, haven't slept a wink, and now I have a serious case of the pain killer itchies.

For those not familiar with the pain killer itchies, take a REALLY intense itch. Start it on your forehead. Scratch. 15 seconds later, itch on your left calf. Scratch. Wait. Itch on your back. Scratch. Itch on the sole of your foot. Scratch. Itch on your right butt cheek.

And so on...

It's not as bad on Ultram as on a narcotic pain killer, but still WAY annoying.

Going back to try again.
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