trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

High Definition Cartoons

Did I mention I now have HDTV?

Scott has had HDTV upstairs in the home theater for a couple of years now. Just before Katrina hit, Scott found a deal he couldn't pass up on another HDTV. He replaced the TV the kids and I use downstairs with an HDTV. I didn't KNOW about this until the day it arrived, but I was happy to see it. The old TV was the kind you could see the lines on. Today, Direct TV came by to install the HD TIVO.

Now I've got to put in all of my season passes again, and hope I don't miss anything. I'm going to change as many of them as possible to the HD stations. I know all of the CSIs and L&Os are offered in high definition.

It also means Super Bowl Sundays at our house just went up a notch, because the guys can now have HD game whether they are upstairs or down here getting a drink and trying to ignore the screaming children *laugh*

Children leads me to what is odd about this. 90 percent of the time, this TV shows cartoons. Well, at least the cartoons are a little bit clearer now :)


Ok, that was the strangest thing. I heard Michael saying something over and over. It sounded something like 'My. My. My. My'. Very repetitive. I went in there asking what was the problem, very softly. I open the curtain to the lower bunk, and Michael is reaching up and pulling on the rails of the top bunk. He laid back down and just stared at me. I could tell he was asleep or halfway there. Michael sleeps with his eyes open much of the time, so it's hard to tell when he is actually awake or just sleeping. Then, I heard Matthew in the top bunk fussing from a nightmare.

I think Michael was comforting his brother.
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