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Austin pics, as promised

I were waiting with baited breath. :)
I've put the pics behind the cut to save your precious
space, but they make me smile when I look at them.

Sam and Trish - Sam is the son of our dear friends, Kent and Meg.
We miss them TERRIBLY!!! since they moved to Austin from Dallas.

Sam by his shining self

Probably the highlight of the week was getting to see
absolute_lethe and the fam.

Lethe and Trish

Willem's BIG grin after eating lots of Thai shrimp and rice

Willem rides the fire truck at Zilker Park, while Dave looks on

Finally, the hotel I got put up in had two beautiful swans down
in a Koi pond in the atrium.


Now, to watch who wins American Idol so nobody RUINS it for
me tomorrow!
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