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Gee, your teeth look terrific!

I went to a new dentist here in town - pretty nice guy - and he had an offer where if you were a new patient getting a full exam with X-rays, you got a free professional whitening kit. I went a couple of weeks ago. I needed a full exam anyway, because it had been ... a while since I had been to the dentist. I'm TERRIFIED of the dentist, so I only go when I have to. I have good dental insurance, so it didn't cost much at all. Actually, about $25.

While I was there, they cast molds of my teeth for the whitening system. I went to pick it up today, and I am impressed! There are these great little clear trays, which perfectly fit my teeth. I got four syringes full of whitening chemicals. You put a little line of the cream into each tray, and can wear them anywhere from one hour to all night, depending on the whitening needed. I'm going to see if my gums have problems after wearing it for a couple of hours tonight, and if not, I'll wear it all night for the next 7 nights. The dentist said that will give the max whitening, and then I'll just have to touch up as needed.

YAY! This is something I've wanted to do since I quit smoking 8 years ago!

I took pictures of my teeth before doing the whitening, and in a week I'll take another picture and post the side-by-side. :)