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Tonight I subbed for someone at Ang's neighborhood Bunco. Yes, for the second time I have played that suburban, get drunk game. I mean, if you play bridge or something like that, you have to concentrate and make decisions. In Bunco you just have to be capable of rolling the dice and at least ONE out of four people has to be sober enough and paying enough attention to count. For those not familiar with Bunco, it's a pretty easy game. You have three tables, with four people each - teams across the table from one another. You have three dice. Everyone puts in five dollars at the beginning of the night. You start with 1s. You roll the dice, and keep rolling as long as you have at least one of the number you are on. You keep count. The 'head table' keeps going until one team reaches 21 of whatever number you are on. Then they ring a bell and the other tables stop counting. Whichever team had the most 'wins' and that team moves to the next table. You then move on to the next number...and so on until you have gone 1 through 6 two times. The person who has the most wins gets money, as does the person who has the most losses and the most buncos (three dice showing the number you are working on that round).

Really, it's just an excuse for a bunch of women to get together in a neighborhood, talk, and drink. I only subbed because it was at my friend Angela's house. It's a great time to talk with these 11 other women, and great to sit around afterwards talking with Ang and her husband. Too bad their air conditioner died upstairs and Brett is leaving town tomorrow through Monday. Ang and the kids might come over here for a few nights if they can't get it fixed. That would be fun, though.

We got to cream over their house. They are building this house in Murphy that is a dream. The thing has a dang FIVE CAR GARAGE! It's like 6000 square feet, with a pool. We've officially decided that we will be spending summers with the kids over at their house. It won't be finished until about March or April of next year, but they say that is why they are building a house of that size to begin with. They want to be able to have people over, and have people stay for a while. Where people can come spend the day at the pool, grill out, and not have to worry about going home at 7:00 to get the kids in bed. I'm all for it. Let the kids run wild and wear each other out, and let the adults feel like adults for a while. It will be cool because their house in only a few blocks from Colleen, who did live next door to us. They bought a house in that neighborhood before Ang and Brett started to build out there.

They asked when we would be moving into the neighborhood, but THAT won't be happening unless one of them is willing to float us a hundred grand or so (at least).

Oh yeah, half a bottle of wine is fun too.

I get to sleep in a while tomorrow. YAY!
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