trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


Oh. My. God.

I decided it was a good weekend to break down the pool. They say these things are easy to drain, using your garden hose, and that you can reuse them year after year.


Ok, I took over my garden hose, and saw that it was way smaller than the drain. I dug up the instructions, and it says you attach your hose to the connector, and then the connector to the pool. Dig. Dig. Dig. Ummm. There is no 'connector' in our pool kit. I tried duct taping the hose to the drain. That didn't last long. Finally, I said screw it and just let the drain pour out into our yard. It couldn't get much muddier than it does when it rains hard, so I decided to bite the bullet to get it broken down.

Several hours later (and with two muddy, muddy dogs), the pool was about halfway drained. I gave it a little extra NUDGE by pushing down on the sides to let water pour over. That worked pretty good, and spread the water a bit more than coming out of a one inch drain, so I finished the job that way. When it got down pretty low, I stepped in to start pulling the pull upside down.

As soon as I lifted the edge.....BAM!!!!!!! The smell hit me like a brick wall and I started gagging. Thankfully, I kept it together long enough to finish the job, but DAMN! I don't know what was going on under that pool. The weight had created a little bit of a sunken area, but the grass wasn't completely dead. It was just rotting and moist (from water splashing or leaking out of the pool?), with LOTS of bugs. I quickly flipped the pool upside down to drain.

I ran inside and made ANOTHER decision. They can forget that 'reuse it year after year'. I'll buy another dang pool next year. I've already got the chemicals and everything. First, I'll try to figure out how to avoid the rotting vegetation smell.

Has anyone here been around a sugar cane field after they cut and leave those big piles out to rot? Similar smell.

Then Barqs (our Cairn Terrier) walked out into the middle of it and starts EATING IT.

We grabbed her, washed her, sprayed her mouth with a doggy mouthwash stuff we have (it's a dental spray), and hope it dries a bit before the dogs have to go back out.

*shiver* I hope this thing fits in the trashcan because it is NOT going in my car to go to the dump. I'll cut the damn thing up and spread it across multiple weeks if I have to.
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