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What a day

To give the short history, for those who don't remember, we chose at birth to leave our boys intact. Fast forward four years, and Michael started having infections and complaining about pain. We went to multiple doctors, and were told by all it was 'phimosis' causing it (a ring of scar tissue keeping the foreskin from functioning correctly). The decision was that it was medically necessary to have him circumcised now. We discussed with the doctor trying to retain as much as possible so he would still 'look' similar to his brother, and the doctor said that would be fine.

We were due to have the surgery at 12:30, so had to be at the new pediatric surgery center at 11:30 this morning. The girl before Michael had a reaction to the drugs they gave her, so they were running quite late. I think it was 1:00 before we got back there for pre-op. They gave him his loopy juice and he was just the funniest thing alive. Well, he WAS the funniest thing alive until he became the world's smallest pervert *laugh*. He just had on this gown, with nothing on under it and they had covered him with a blanket. Every time we would turn around (usually when I'm standing there trying to talk to some of the medical staff) he had whipped back the covers, pulled up his gown and was STRETCHING his penis. *ahem* Ok, I gave him some leeway because he wasn't ever going to see THAT penis again. At least, not that version. Anyway, they took him in and Scott and I sat out in the waiting room FOREVER for what they said would be 'about an hour'. (They were doing the circ, plus some exploratory stuff to make sure he didn't have reflux into his bladder from the blockage). Finally, they came to get us about 3:30 and took us to the conference room. They had run into a problem - NOT what you want to hear when talking about your son's penis! It turned out to not be a big deal though. They believe because of the infection, he had developed quite a bit of scar tissue, not just the small ring at the end they thought. So...he was 'Stuck'. They had to remove a much larger section, and he ended up with what will be a more 'traditional' circ. It's 'high' but not necessarily so 'tight'. We'll see how it ends up.

Michael was fine for a while after he woke up and ate lots of blue icepops. He got pretty frustrated sometimes, but was overall ok. Until the local block started wearing off a little while ago. We immediately dosed him with lortab but had to deal with much fussing. Thankfully, he is peeing without any problem, but is complaining how much it hurts. I'm afraid if we hear even a peep from him tonight, I'll have to bring him into our bed. That was offered, but he insisted on sleeping in his new bed. It just makes me so sad, but it HAD to be done.

Probably the worst was when he came up to me, ripped down his pants and screamed at me through the tears 'MOMMY! MAKE THEM SEW BACK MY OLD PENIS!' He doesn't like the appearance right now. I'm sure it's quite scare, because it's really red, with a small amount of bruising, stitches, and isn't what he is used to. The whole SHAPE is different to him. I don't blame him for freaking out about it, but we just have to keep telling him we'll treat his pain, leave it alone and be careful, and it will get better every day.

*sigh* I'm just no good with this whole little boy thing. It really is like you've stolen their best friend.

On to 'brighter' subjects. We talked on the phone to dad and Christian for a while tonight. Yep, Dad actually talked to us. He has filed with FEMA, and they have some paperwork they are sending him. He filed for a change of address up to Faye's house, which should start in 7-10 days. He sounded like once he got the FEMA stuff done, he will still be coming here. But you never know with him. He says Faye MIGHT have a line on a car for him, and we let him know we have some ideas for housing and that we could fly him here or drive him here, either way. Also, that if he got here, we would take him out for clothes. He only has two pair of pants. The BAD part is that FEMA decided today to pull the debit card plan, so he has no way to get ready cash. Except for the shelters in Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, they now have to fill out paperwork and work towards 'expidited' money deposited into their bank account. Yeah, I see THAT happening fast enough for him to buy clothes. Thanks for nothing.

Christian is heading to Houston for a little while, to see about the possibilities of opening a Dallas office. His hope is they will let him do this, and will pay for the supplies for it to happen. However, he's afraid they are going to tell him to do it on his own, which just having LOST everything, isn't going to happen. I still hope Christian will come here for a while, but I don't worry about him like dad for some reason. Christian will fend for himself quite nicely, no matter what the situation is.

One thing Christian said that surprised me is that what Slidell is actually like is a bit overblown when you look at it through the media. He agreed that Eden Isles and that area, which are right there facing the lake, ARE pretty destroyed. Olde Town (where they both lived) had massive flooding, houses destroyed, and those that weren't destroyed are worthless because of the muck, sewage, water damage, trees down, and other structural issues. However, he says the rest of the town is in pretty good shape. There is power, water, businesses open and life goes on. That's promising!

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