trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

A family rejoined

We got a call from Christian (Scott's brother) this evening, and he said things have changed a little. His company has enough people in Houston, where he was going to go work, but that they are talking about opening a Dallas office. He will know for sure later tonight or in the morning, but he may be coming here to live. We've told him to come on, and to bring dad. I'll have to get two rooms upstairs ready for them - maybe let Christian sleep on a twin bed or the futon in my office and dad will get the guest bedroom. When they get here, we'll have to file with Red Cross to get them assistance, and finish the FEMA paperwork. We got some information about income-based housing from some people in my mothers-of-multiples group and we'll look into that for dad eventually.

My boss also mentioned today when we were talking (about my promotion *SQUEEE!!!!*) that if I wanted to take some time off when they get here to get them settled, that was ok with him. With one exception, all of my bosses at Sun have been incredibly supportive and caring with anything that has gone on in my life. I really am blessed in life, with my family, my job, my friends and so much more. Hardships only make this clearer.
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