trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The forgotten ones

My aunt (my mom's sister) lived in New Orleans for a great deal of her life. She dated a wonderful man for 25 years and lived with him. At one point, Uncle Roy had gotten sick and was afraid that he would pass away and leave Aunt Sunny (Jeannie) with nothing. So he married her. :) Unfortunately, Aunt Sunny was the one who got sick, with lung cancer (no surprise - she was a HEAVY smoker), and passed away about 7 years ago. They didn't really have a funeral, since she was cremated, but my mom and I made a trip to see Uncle Roy and have a bit of a private memorial for her. Fittingly, this was during Mardi Gras. Just TRY to get hardship/grief pricing on an airline, into New Orleans, during Mardi Gras. You practically have to SHOW them the body! We had a great time visiting with Uncle Roy.

Uncle Roy passed away in 2000, and we were notified. I'm sure it was just because HIS family didn't really know us. Because that link was now gone, we really didn't keep up with his family. I feel bad about that now, because I want to make sure they are ok.

The Markey family has deep roots in New Orleans. Markey Park is named after the family, and Roy was very involved in the Irish parades - even acting as the Grand Marshall for several St. Patrick's day parades in downtown. Roy owned a bar called 'Markey's Bar'. It was a GREAT little place, with pool tables and lots of locals. He didn't let Aunt Sunny go in, because he didn't think it was proper for women to hang out in the bars, but he did take me in there one time (What? Am I not a woman? Or just of a different generation?) to have a few drinks. Roy and Sunny had done a lot of work to their home, just behind the bar at 700 Royal Street. It was a beautiful long home, with large wooden shutters. The bar has a lot of history and had been around FOREVER! Once Roy passed on, Roy Jr. took over the place. My assumption was he also took over Roy's house.

I hope I can find out information about Roy Jr. I've posted requests in some of the survivor databases for information. The only numbers I have for the house and the bar are the actual New Orleans numbers. Hmmm. Guess THEY won't work. Even if I don't find out about them, I certainly pray all is well with them.
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