trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

A non-Katrina post

I thought I would update since we have had a few things going on outside of the hurricane.

The big thing is that we redid some things for the boys. My mom and I went to IKEA and for just $150, they got some things they sorely needed. The first thing was a real computer desk. They had a lego table, really low to the ground, that their monitor and mouse were sitting on. It was so much weight the table was bowed in the middle, and the only way to sit in front of it was on a kids chair with your knees bumping the table. IKEA had a nice little computer desk cheap that was the same white birch as the rest of their bedroom furniture. Once they get older, it could move into their room. Michael is so proud to have a computer 'just like daddy's' now!

They currently sleep in a small room which was considered a 'study' when we moved in. It made a great nursery, but as they have grown it is really small. We had bought them two cheap twin beds, and one day daddy jumped on one of them and busted the foundation. So, Matthew's bed sloped in towards the middle. IKEA has some low bunk beds for $99 made of pine (doesn't look bad with the white birch), so we got those, set them up yesterday and put their current mattresses on there. We're going to toss the broken $29 'box foundations'. Since we were afraid that they would try to reach the ceiling fan, we replaced it with a flush light fixture. The final touch was a cheap bookshelf, also white birch, for all of their books that are spread throughout the house. I swear these kids have almost as many books as we do!

With no further ado,

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