trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Update on dad

Dad and Christian got into Slidell today to see the house. Dad still isn't talking to anyone, so Christian called us and gave the lowdown. The house appears to be a total loss. There is raw sewage coating everything, and a good 5 or 6 feet up the walls. They have taken some clothes and a few belongings out to see if they can get them clean. Everything else will have to be left. The best solution would be to tear down the house and try to sell the land. Being on disability, dad can't rebuild a new house. His car was also picked up, moved elsewhere, and is destroyed.

I also found out what the weirdness was with the house. Some time back, Scott's grandfather passed away. His grandmother kept the house in his name. When she got very sick, dad moved in to take care of her. When she passed away, the family let dad stay in the house because he didn't have anywhere else to go. However, it was still in Scott's grandfather's name so it would have to go through probate and nine family members (mostly grandchildren, cousins, etc.) would have to sign off on it because of the way Sam's will had been written. It's strange, but it also means dad wouldn't be able to make any claims for assistance because the house isn't 'his'.

Christian said they will probably spend a day or so trying to find anything else that can be saved. After that, they should be heading this way. Dad will live with us for a while, but because of his strong independent streak, we'll have to look at some sort of income based housing here in town. We'll also need to find him an inexpensive car Scott and I can get for him.

People are starting to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, there aren't many pieces left for so many people. I stress again, if you can donate money or items, please do. If you can't afford items or money, donate your time.
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