trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Goodbye, Waveland

I found it odd that during hurricane coverage, we would often see Waveland on the map, but not hear it mentioned. It's a really small town - only about 7000 people now, and there were probably only about 5000 when Scott and I lived there. We lived in Waveland for about four years.

It was great to go down to the beach, especially for fireworks. There was this great small restaurant just a block off the beach called Jack's that had only a few tables and made the most INCREDIBLE food. When things were slow at the casino, and the weather was nice, I would occasionally take an early out, grab a book and my rod, and go fishing off Garfield pier. Scott and I would go catch blue crabs off the seawall. It was really nice to drive over to Bay St. Louis, best reached by taking the beach road instead of the boring drive down 90, and shop in some of the antique stores and art galleries. Before I got the job at the casino, I worked right on 90 doing custom framing for a combination guns/ammo/framing/photography studio called 'Frank's Photography and Ammo' (I have great memories of that place. The first time I saw a Nutria up close because one had crawled up to die on the doorstep. The horror when I forgot something and walked into the back before leaving, and heard the crash as a woman crashed through the front of the store). There was this great feed and tack store right across from there, and we got Mutant, our 'special' ferret and I got suckered into an actual blue catfish fingerling for our aquarium (Hint - there are the REAL catfish, and they quickly outgrow a 10 gallon tank. Jokes on me). When we went 'out' for dinner, we would go to get three way catfish at the Reef. Ray's had the best crawfish in town. Videos were something just across from our apartments (which were ROUND, btw) but you had to watch it because the guy that worked there knew everything about you and was VERY nosy. The bank knew me so well that they would sit there and watch me sign Scott's name to things, even though we weren't married. Oh, and Po-boys at Old Timer's, or Alzheimer's as we called it. I remember waiting on Scott to get home from a stereo sale in downtown New Orleans late one night, and it started snowing in March, and even though I had walking pneumonia, I went out on the front porch to make a six inch tall snowman. We went out for Christmas dinner a few minutes up the coast, at a nice restaurant called Vrazelle's that was across from the Grand Casino in Gulfport, and Scott proposed to me. Everyone from the casino used to hang out at the Firedog Saloon after work and listen to bands or shoot pool.

I could go on forever. Really. We wanted to get out of the area, because it was REALLY poor, but the people were friendly and we had a great time. I have great memories.

Now, I read this:

Waveland practically wiped off map by force of Katrina

Pardon me. I need to go cry some more now.
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