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My life as a psycho housewife

I've always suffered from various 'hard to pin down' issues. Irratability, multiple ovarian cysts, fatigue, PMS, headaches, various things like that. We really started looking at the relationship of some of these when I lost a pregnancy shortly after Scott and I were married. My OB/GYN tested my hormone levels and found that my estrogen was fine, my testosterone was slightly low, and that my progesterone was low. That's why I couldn't carry to term. We tried for years after that, with no success until we took Clomid. That got us our little Princes.

Because I was still having problems, my OB/GYN referred me to a compounding pharmacy that had a pharmacist who specializes in hormone replacement. We started out with a saliva test. Yep - sure enough, my progesterone was fairly low, estrogen normal, and testosterone a little low. We started testosterone replacement every day, and progesterone between days 12 and 26. That was about a year ago.

I noticed I felt stronger for a while. I could handle more in life. Then I lost all of that. We decided to do another saliva test, while on the HRT, and see where I was. We didn't expect the results I got back today. My testosterone is within normal range right now (YAY!). My estrogen is still good. Now we get to the problem. Progesterone is supposed to be between 500 and 3000. Mine was 16.

This is known as 'Estrogen Dominance'. To give you an idea of what this can cause:

- Weight gain
- Chronic fatigue
- Bad temper
- Headaches
- Loss of interest in sex
- Encouraged development of breast cancer
- Ovarian cysts
- Sweet cravings
- Impatient/hostile disposition
- Short-term memory failure
- Pre-mentrual depression
- Difficulty conceiving
- Endometrial cancer

We're going to try a different delivery mechanism for my progesterone - something that dissolves between my cheek and gum. I really do hope we get somewhere, as this is getting worse. I find myself screaming much of the time. I have no patience with the kids. I don't want to do much. I would really like to avoid breast cancer - I don't need more risk factors in my life. Oh yeah, the sex thing coming back wouldn't be bad either. :)

On a totally unrealted note, I started going to a great dentist today. They are patient there, explain everything, I got free professional whitening (as a new patient getting a full initial exam), and only had a few small things I need to get fixed. On Wednesday, the teeth get cleaned, on Thursday we do most of the work on my teeth, and by Friday or Monday I should have my whitening started. *SQUEE* Pretty excited about that. :)
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