trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Good news update

I ran out to the store, and Scott talked to his mom (in Indiana) while I was gone. Turns out she called his brother this morning, found out he wasn't going to leave, and told him in no uncertain turns to get his ass up to his dad's, drag him out forcibly if he had to, and get out of town. We heard there was a big fight, but that Scott's brother won. We don't know where they ended up yet, but the answering machine message was changed to say that the two of them had left town for the storm.

That is a load off of my mind. A category 5 directly hitting New Orleans isn't exactly the time to be stubborn, try to 'protect' your property, or to be throwing hurricane parties. Yet you know it is going on. As laid back as they are, those are some of the most STUBBORN people I have ever met. Crazy cajuns.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and offers. My father- and brother-in-law may be out of harm's way, but there are far too many people still there that will need our prayers, and probably much more starting tomorrow. Keep them in mind. Once I get information on relief sources, I will post here in case anyone wants to help.
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