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I get a small bonus next week, and most of it will go towards bills. However, I did say that I was going to earmark a certain amount for a stationary recumbent bike. I can use a recumbent bike with my back problems, where I can't generally use a regular bike. (For those not familiar with a recumbent bike - they are the ones that have a chair with seat and full back, many with lumbar support)

I have been doing research to find out what kind we wanted, what to look for in a bike, and about how much I wanted to spend. This morning, I happened to see that a local sporting goods store was having a big clearance event that ended tomorrow. When I went during lunch to look, they had a REALLY nice $800 bike marked down to $399. I bought it immediately!

This bike is magnetic resistence, has a wood grain on part of it, nice readout, 20 resistence levels, 10 programs, 3 level fan, integrated speakers (I tested I could hook up my iPod and it works GREAT! Also works for CD players or other audio), adjustable seat and pedels.

Dang, this thing is hot. And QUIET! I look forward to now being able to work out while watching TV at night instead of just SITTING here. I used to work out with my elliptical machine, but it got so loud you couldn't hear the TV. Ah, well, it was cheap and I got a year out of it before it fell apart.

That's another thing. There is a 2 year warranty on this thing so that if ANYTHING happens to it in the next 2 years, they will come TO MY HOUSE to fix it. If they can't fix it, I get a new one. YAY.

Hopefully, Scott will be able to use this as well since he can't walk much on his foot. It will allow him to get some exercise and lose even more weight. He's up to 20 pounds lost now.

YOU GO, BABY!!!! I'm so proud of you and you are looking great!
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