trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Growth spurt

On the 14th, right before the boys started school this year, we went out and got the kids' feet measured and bought new shoes. Each got two pair - one tennis shoe and one brown slipon. Matthew got size 12 and Michael got 12 1/2.

Two days ago, Matthew started to put on the slipons and said they were tight. I sighed and popped myself on the forehead for not making him try them on at the store. So, we put on the tennis shoes he wears to school every day. Today, he complained about the tennis shoe. I pushed to find where his toe was and it was at the end! How does a kid grow completely out of a pair of shoes in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS?

So, I have two pair of barely used (one not at ALL) shoes in size 12.

I had to go out today to buy more shoes. I got another couple of pair in 12 1/2, since they are both in that size now, and got two pair of size 13 in case we have any other growth spurts.

Have I mentioned my kids are going to be TALL?
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