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When I was pregnant with the boys, I was looking for a rocking chair that would allow me to hold both babies comfortably at the same time. So I bought this big microsuede rocker recliner. I used it a lot when I was pregnant and for the first six months or so with Michael and Matthew. I haven't used it much since, although it is out in our living room. Problem is, it is set back just a bit from the couch and love seat, so it doesn't feel like a 'part' of the room. Just an afterthought.

During our trip to Indiana, they had two recliners that were SOOO comfortable. When I came back, I decided to start using my recliner again. I can still see the TV, and it's actually nice to be set back a little when the boys are watching their shows.

Now I have set up a little nest. I have a small table next to the chair, and I've moved my wireless laptop and my heating pad (God, don't I feel old saying that) over next to the chair. I have my remote and something to drink sitting on the table. The laptop is on my lap. I have pillows under my back, behind my head, and a triangular pillow under my knees. The chair is fully reclined and extended. The heating pad is on high for a problem area of my back.

Even though it isn't 10 pm yet, I just had to turn off the TV because I was >THIS< close to falling asleep. I thought I would type this up while it was fresh in my mind and head off to bed.

I love my recliner. I'm glad I rediscovered it. If Scott and I only had one TV area, instead of two (so I end up watching my shows downstairs and he watches his or plays computer games upstairs), we would be that old couple with matching recliners. I just know it.

Say good night, Gracie.
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