trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Life moves on

Yesterday, I put the charger on the car battery and around 11:00 had enough of a charge to be able to start the car. So my lunch break yesterday was sitting at NTB getting a new battery. Whee! But at least my car works again.

I'm a bit jumpy, probably because I'm having some serious disk pain. It's made me moody and irritable. Today, it was targeted towards the kids' preschool. Yesterday, we had promised the kids they could take Lunchables for their first day of school. We didn't get to the store until last night, so they ended up taking Lunchables today for their second day. Now, I don't just send the Lunchables with them. I take out whatever the main meal is, in this case mini hotdogs, and then put in some fruit or yogurt, and juice. They don't get the desert, they don't get the cola that comes with some of them. Usually, they have a sandwich, fruit or yogurt, and juice, so I don't see this as too much of a difference. Anyway, today after school, when I was unpacking their backback, Michael looked at me and said "Miss C. said that Lunchables aren't a healthy lunch". I smiled and said 'That is why we only have them as a special treat. They are a sometimes food' (We don't really talk about BAD foods in our house, only healthy foods and 'sometimes' foods.) I went upstairs out of earshot and called the school to ask whether Miss C. actually said this or they were just making things up. The director agreed that it was something that shouldn't have been said, if it was, but said something to the effect of 'Most kids don't eat them when they get them. They just eat the candy, drink the juice and eat nothing else'. I explained the type of 'Lunchable' I pack, and left it at that. A little while later, Miss C. called me and said she never said anything like that to them. She even packed a lunchable very similar to what I did (remove the candy, replace with healthy snack) for her daughter yesterday. I was itching for a fight and they took the wind right out of my sail. Damn it. I'll have to find a new target. There is always a cause at work I can put my wrath into. :)

I also went for a meds check with my doctor today. She keeps an eye on my liver function because of the medicines I take, especially for my anxiety and panic disorder. Everything will surely be fine, but we just watch it. She gave me refills and we shot the breeze for a while. Since we've been with her for 10 years, she's more like a family friend than just a doctor. We even knew about her wedding before the people in her office. I wish all of my doctors were as caring and personable as she is.

Alright, now I REALLY need to write some thank you notes. I got some neat things for graduation - some hanging baskets for my office, a beaded purse necklace kit, some bracelets - and I need to make sure to actually get notes out. I'm bad about sending thank you notes. I have to get more serious so the kids know how important it is :)

Great. Now the dogs are growling at each other over a bone. I gave them TWO, but they always just fight over one. Smart dogs, huh?

Back to your regularly scheduled life.
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