trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Luck be a bastard...tonight

Yesterday, Scott and I took the kids to IKEA and a fun time was had by all. Until Matthew decided to run off. We were unable to find him for...probably only a full minute. It gave me a heartattack, a headache, and put a damper on the day, so we decided to leave. We got out to the parking lot, I turned the key and.....AAAAAAAHHHHH! Dead battery or something. We called a friend of ours to drive out to jump the car because we didn't have our jumper cables and not a SINGLE person in that parking lot stopped to ask if we needed help. Not one.

Anyway, we got the car started and came home. Then last night, Scott got on a plane for a business trip. I think he gets back late tonight. The kids started school today, so we got them all ready, got in the car and....AAAAAAAHHHH! That's right, kids, remember that dead battery? I didn't. I had to call my mother to jump in her car and come get us to take the kids to school. Now, I am trying to figure out how in the HELL I'm supposed to get the car to a place to get a new battery. I have one of those car chargers that you attach to the battery and plug into the wall, but it hasn't built up enough charge yet to start.

Want to hear the best part? Shortly after my mom dropped me off, I got a phone call from her. She started out with 'You guys are just going to put me in a mental institution one day'. Ummm, let me back up. When we were backing out of the parking lot, she went really fast towards another car. I yelled at her to stop, and she said she knew exactly where the car was and wasn't about to hit it. Ok, not a problem. Then we turned onto a two lane road - you know, one lane going one way, one the other? She got in the correct lane and a minute later puts on her blinker and pulls into oncoming traffic. I freaked. Then she almost blew past our street. Her excuse? She said I make her nervous anytime I'm in the car. Anyway, she called me and said that she was trying to clean out some stuff from her car and her keys fell off behind the seat. She closed the door, but had already locked it, so now she is locked out of her car (she was able to get a key to her apartment from the manager) and now she wouldn't be able to come help me jump my car if I needed her to. Or to get the kids when they get out in a few hours if I'm not able to fix my car.


Ok, now to go check if I have enough juice in the battery to get it started. Pray hard.
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