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Life goes on

Today began uneventfully. Is it REALLY Friday? I can't believe I
leave for Austin in two days. I really need to pack.

This morning, before school, the boys and I sat down and watched
video of The Cockroach Museum here in
our own Plano, TX. If you aren't familiar with the Cockroad Museum, I'll
give you the history in a nutshell. A few years ago, a pest control company
ran a contest to find the biggest cockroach in the Dallas area. That
spawned the idea of - "Hey! Now that we HAVE the biggest cockroach, how
do we share this great find?". Thus was born the Cockroach Museum. They
have lots of sets, with dressed up roaches such as Marilyn Monroach,
Liberoachy, and others.

God, I'm proud to live here. :)

I rearranged the pictures on the wall in the boys room, to allow for some
decorated name paintings for over their bed and a new dinosaur poster for
Matthew. I completed training for a bunch of people on a new tool my
team is rolling out at work. And it isn't even lunch time. Well, it is
but I haven't yet eaten.

Tonight, the hubby and I (HI HUBBY!!!! Now that I know you actually read
these things) are going out with a good friend we don't see enough of -
probably going to go see Troy or Shreck 2. Tomorrow night, we're going
(Just hubby and I) for a romantic dinner at Sullivan's, a steak house
I've never been to. I'm really looking forward to it, and also really
glad my mom lives here and we don't have to scramble for babysitters just
to go do something.

The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to this weekend (outside of
the fact that I have to leave Scott and the boys) is going to a
birthday party for one of the kids' classmates. At age three, there
is just too much parental planning and supervision involved in these
birthday parties that are supposed to be for the kids. It's a pool
party, which means that both Scott and I have to go because we have
TWO three year olds who can't be in a full-sized pool by themselves.
I have a feeling we won't stay too long.

Onward ho - I must find food
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