trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,


We thought we would go to the new IKEA today, since we were going to be within blocks of it for lunch. WHAT was I thinking? Yesterday when I passed on the way home, the entrance on 121 was open. Today? Nope. They had it blocked off as an exit only. No problem, turn the corner (as part of the very slow moving procession of vehicles) and there is another entrance. Blocked off as an exit only!!!! Ok, what about the one on Gaylord, the third side? Nope. Blocked. They had it down to ONE entrance, which you had to completely circle around the building. After 45 minutes, and two legs of the journey, everyone in the car had to pee and the kids were pestering each other. So, we bailed.

We're going to try again first thing tomorrow morning. How sick is that?
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