trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Home again, Home again, Jiggety-Jig

I got home late last night from California. We got a lot accomplished, I had several meetings, and a few good meals. Unfortunately, we also had a few 'Chicken Little' episodes and I ended up with lead on a project I was a member of and membership on a new team. Joy. Several of my projects wrap up in a few weeks, so I hope the stress decreases then. Of course, it never does but I think I live on stress instead of oxygen.

We haven't done much of anything to the pool for a week and a half because we've been gone. I filled up the chlorine floater, put the cover on, and hoped it wouldn't take too much to get it going again. Wow. Could I have done something better here? I have to recondition, shock and chlorinate the water. It's all out of whack. That's the least of the problems though. I was trying to take the cover off and it just...disintegrated. Every time I touched it, it ripped apart in my hands. Being out in the Texas sun nonstop for almost two weeks turned the plastic into a brittle material. So, now I have no cover for the pool and it let all of the rain water, grass and bugs fall into the pool water. Blech. I did all of the treatments and got the worst of the grass out. I'll have to retest tomorrow morning and try to get in the pool and do more skimming.

When I was standing next to the pool to put chemicals in, I suddenly felt something on my foot. I looked down and both feet were CRAWLING with fire ants! Evidentally, they decided to move in just next to the pool but under the tarp, and I had moved the tarp aside to get close and was standing right in the ant hill. I freaked out because I felt bites and figured with that many climbing on me they would all sense the attack chemical that feeds fire ants. Fortunately, my freak out across the yard got most of them off before they could bite, so I only have 3 or 4 large welts that are itching and burning like crazy. I HATE FIRE ANTS!!!!

It's so good to be home with my boys. They start school on Monday, so I have a ton of paperwork to finish and to get their school supplies ready. Scott will be gone on travel Sunday and Monday, so he'll miss the first day, but he got to take them to meet the teacher when I was away. It will be nice to get back to 'normal'.
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