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I blame it on my back. (It has NOTHING to do with my back, but that's the excuse I'm using and I'm sticking to it!)

We have done nothing but drop things today as a family. We needed to run some errands today, and right before leaving with the boys, Scott knocked one of my hurricane lamps off into the kitchen sink. Little bits of glass were everywhere on the bar, counters, kitchen and dishes. Thankfully, the base with the oil in it stayed intact. Scott went ahead and left with the kids and I spent a half hour cleaning up glass.

Fast forward a couple of hours. I was cleaning out the fridge since we are going to be gone for the next two weeks and out of the FOUR things I had in my hands, what dropped? The ONE glass bowl. Couldn't have been the tupperware or the two indestructable kids plates. Nope, the glass bowl hit flat and exploded into a million pieces spread around our kitchen. That took a good 45 minutes to clean up properly because it was under the table, under the fridge and under the bookcase. I'm sure I'll find more at some later date. I always do.

A little while later, I've relaxed on the couch working while the boys run around playing. (Side note - I've found my new love. Mr. Pibb has always been my favorite drink IN THE WORLD! It must be a southern thing. Anyway, I've just found Pibb Zero, and it actually still tastes like Pibb and I love it. And NO! DR. PEPPER AND MR. PIBB ARE NOT THE SAME THING. They taste nothing alike. So there.) I had a glass (ARGH! Can't you see this coming?) filled with Pibb Zero on the coffee table next to me. Matthew comes marching by, swinging his arms and takes out the glass. Brown soda everywhere across the table, dripping down onto the new rug. Yes, the new rug that I got after Michael spilled Diet Coke all over it! Thankfully, the rug being new it still was treated enough to bead up and wipe right up. Matthew got REAL lucky.

Do we just have SPAZ written across our foreheads today or what?

On a side note, I do have an appointment to go into my pain specialist on Monday. The facet neurotomies did wonders for my arthritis, but my disks are now acting up. I think one is herniated quite a bit and the nerve is getting pressure which is radiating into my left ass check. Each time I walk, or lean forward a certain way, some little imp stabs my ass with a knife. Sounds like we'll have to do the epidural again like we did last time. Can't someone just give me a new spine? I keep asking and everyone ignores the request. :)
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