trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

It never stops!

Yet another example of people bringing a lawsuit against a company in hopes of making a dime.

Basically, a grandmother bought Grand Theft Auto, a game CLEARLY marked M, for mature audiences 17 or older, full of violence and lawbreaking, for her 14 year old grandson. Now that it has come out that there is a hidden sex scene in there, she is outraged and is suing on behalf of consumers everywhere. She thinks the company should pay her because she's sure there are OTHER idiots out there just like her?

Consumers not smart enough to read a label? Yes, the sex part was hidden, but she bought a violent video game clearly marked for people 17 or older for a _14 YEAR OLD_. Take some responsibility woman. You screwed up. A hidden sex scene is the least of your worries. You aren't worried about the stealing, violence and language, but you ARE worried about simulated sex? Someone please explain the priorities here! I think if my 14 year old was modeling behavior he saw on a video game, I would RATHER it be sex than theft or violence.

Isn't this akin to reading the label on a knife which tells you it is SHARP and not to allow children to handle it, and then suing the company that made the knife because it doesn't explicitly say you could stab people with it? Not that the CHILD you gave it to stabbed someone, but that it had the potential to? Nevermind that you were an idiot who gave a sharp object to your child!

See the full article
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