trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Why do birds suddenly appear?

This morning, the boys got another life lesson. This one had to do with birds and glass. :)

Michael, Matthew and I had just gotten out of the car at their preschool, which is located right next to a paint store. I had to park in front of the paint store this morning, because drop-off is usually pretty crowded. We had no more been out of the car for 30 seconds then we hear this loud *THUNK*. I looked over and a large bird was sitting at the base of the window in front of us. I held the boys back thinking the bird was just stunned and after a minute or so it would get up and fly away. I spent the time answering questions about why the bird was sitting there, how come it didn't fly off and why it flew into the window in the first place. Finally, when the bird didn't fly off, I took the kids into their classroom. I took the receptionist out with me because I was afraid other kids coming in would approach the bird and either a) hurt it more, b) be hurt by the injured bird, c) be traumatized by seeing the dead bird on the sidewalk, or d) all of the above. Being the sometimes wussy girl that I am, I went into the paint store and grabbed a group of guys to come move the bird into the bushes on the side of the building where nobody would bother it.

I know that sometime in the future, Michael and Matthew will come up with more questions about the bird, or it will appear in their nightmares.

On a much brighter note, I'm putting together a dinner on Tuesday night to celebrate my graduation. Each year, we have a crawfish boil that we usually use to celebrate our birthdays (mine and the boys). Since we didn't have it until May this year, I said it was in honor of my graduation. That's great and all, but we didn't even talk about my graduation, other than an AWESOME gift certificate for a nail salon from Colleen and Angela. Really, I just like opportunities to drink with my friends, and since my actual graduation is in one week, I set up a dinner and drink party for a group of us. genebob, Angela and Brett have already RSVP'd, so I'm hoping for at least 3 or 4 more. (Colleen and Todd? Kim and Bill? I'm not so sure that Dawn, Kala or some of the others will be able to make it, but I'm hoping for at least those four and maybe Jill if she's in town).

EEEK! Jill! We're going out in three hours and I look like a bum. I need to finish up some work and go do my hair, put on makeup, get dressed, figure out dinner for the boys, and clean up the house a little - although not necessarily in that order.
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