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Follow the train...train of thought, that is.

Did you ever have one of those times where you run across something from someone you haven't spoken to in a long time, and you make leaps from one memory to another, from one person to another, and end up somewhere you haven't even thought about in a LONG, LONG time?

I have been sorting through all sorts of old things on my computers, to try to clean things up. I ran across an email from Matt Sisk, someone I haven't talked to in YEARS. Probably since 1996 or 97 when I last visited Houston. Matt was one of a group of four or so people that I hung out with on occasion in Huntsville in the late 80's to early 90's - Matt, Mark Brockman (I know where he is and what he's up to), Chris Ganoe (don't know what he is up to now), and Gary Dezenberg. I hadn't heard anything about Gary in a long time, so I did a Google search. I only found one match (other than the photos I have online) and it's from last year. Evidently, he's still playing bass and played some event out at UAH. In the same article, it led saying something about long-time local legendary drummer, Mike Kilpatrick. Wow. There's a name I haven't thought of since somewhere around...age 18! Actually, when I turned 18, it was at Mike's house in Auburn. I can remember drinking WAY too much really cheap stuff...I think it was Boone's Farm! and ending up face down in the grass. His band played, much fun was had by all, and it was soon filed away in my memory somewhere to not be accessed until many years later.

Since I've been on a 'things that make me smile' kick lately, I'll share a happy memory of my Grissom buds, Mark, Chris and Gary (Matt had already left Huntsville at this point, I believe). I came home from Auburn one weekend, and got 'kidnapped' by the group. We roadtripped up into TN for some secret destination. We ended up at some ampitheater for a Doobie Brother's concert. The music was great, and I can remember laughing uncontrollably after the concert as we rolled down the hillside over and over again.

Dang, I'll have to email Matt and find out how he's been now that he's inadvertently led me down memory lane.
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