trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

What, me cook?

It's very odd that I've actually been cooking lately. Maybe it's seeing Scott cook so much for his diet, but I think the boys have eaten at home most of their meals (outside of school) for a couple of weeks now.

Yesterday was a very yummy exception. Another MOM (mother of multiples) told us about the new Sci-Tech museum which is currently set up in Willow Bend mall. We love to go to things like that, so we took the boys last night. Turns out it is just a preview of what they will be building in North Dallas or Plano. Yet, they still charge you almost $7 each to get in! There are three themed exhibits: wind, water and earthquakes. The adults have to pay, even though we aren't doing anything except watching the kids. I was very disappointed. We made up for it, though. Afterwards, since we were already in Willow Bend, we went to Todai. I LOVE TODAI! If it weren't *ahem* like $20 per adult to eat, we would go more often. It is a seafood and sushi buffet. You can get lots of different sushi, sashimi, crab legs, shrimp, lots of asian meals (think beef with broccoli, calamari salad, things like that), mussels, clams, hand rolls, all sorts of yummy stuff. There is even a desert bar at the end. Scott, being on Atkins, must have eaten five or six pounds of crab legs, because there wasn't too much else he could eat. The kids both ate a lot of shrimp, clams and noodles. I pigged out on sushi and crab, as well. I justify the price because it would have been about that much if we had gone out for sushi, and there was something for everyone there.

Today, I went to the grocery store and got lots of things to cook for the week. Nothing special, but talapia, hamburger meat, tuna, corn, asparagus, tapioca, summer squash, chicken, potatoes, and more. I had to also get the things that I feel we go out every two DAYS to get in this house: bread, milk, yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, juice boxes, lunch meat, cheese and jello.

Ok, I'm making myself hungry. Must go forrage. *grumble*
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