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Binge and boil

Scott's been on Atkins for about a week now. He's been really good about staying on the program, and I had him go get some Ketostix. It feels bizarre to me to intentionally put yourself in Ketosis when I used to have to watch for it so much when I had gestational diabetes. That's how I knew about the Ketostix. So, he's burning fat, and when it isn't raining, he's out walking with his dog in the evenings. He's lost EIGHT POUNDS so far, and I hope that gives him the incentive to stick with it.

Tonight, I unintentionally did something REALLY CRUEL. My husband is on ATKINS! The induction period. He gets a total of 20 carbs each day, MAX. He's been fending for himself for all meals and I cook for myself and the kids. Today, my mom and I had been reminiscing about eating Long John Silver's when I was growing up. (Much longer story. My mother never cooked. We ate fast food my entire childhood. Cooking in was TV dinners.) I got some coupons in the mail the other day, even though the closest LJS is about 15 minutes away. Tonight, I drove out to get some for mom, myself and the boys, who have never had anything from there. In full view of my husband, I ate fried fish, fried shrimp, fried clams, hush puppies and cole slaw. I'm a cold, selfish bitch sometimes.

On another note, I would like whatever cruel practical joker is controlling the Texas weather right now to bite me. We bought this wonderful pool, and have gotten to use it ONCE. It had been so hot and dry here, I finally gave in and got the pool. The day after filling it, we were surprised that the water was warm enough to swim in, so the boys and I swam for a while. The next afternoon, it stormed. The next afternoon, we got ready to swim and when I tested the water, it was BOILING HOT. The boys would have been scalded if they had gone in. Seriously. So, I actually had to take them to the neighborhood pool because they were so disappointed. The next day (today), the water was fine and the weather looked great. I got the boys ready, we had JUST gotten in the pool and no more than two minutes later BAM! Up pops a storm system.

Yes, had I checked the weather, I would have known this was coming, but I didn't think about it because it was BEAUTIFUL outside! Nothing but fluffy white clouds. These storms these weeks have been popping up from nowhere, very suddenly, and getting violent really fast. IT SUCKS! To quote the boys 'Rain, Rain Go Away. No other day.' :)

Pervert. I didn't say of me IN the bath.

First, I've actually gotten some sun this summer. I'm a really, really pale person. Almost translucent. You can see my veins through my skin. This past weekend, I had worn a suit that hasn't seen the light of day since last year. The front is cut way down to mid torso. Let's just say my breasts typically don't see the light of day. They got BURNED along the sides. I noticed that there was a nice contrast between the white of my normal skin, the red of the burn, and the tan of my forearms. Made a cool picture, I just wish I had been able to get it crisper. I'll have to try again.

Now, for one of my favorite parts of the house:

YES, you are correct that I am a massive geek and the towel hanging above my tub has my company's logo on it and was given to me by one of our partners. Just off to the left, out of your view, is a nice comfy white bathrobe from another partner, again with the Sun logo also on it. There was a time I probably could have clothed myself in Sun wear. I used to joke we just needed some pants with Sun logos on them to make things complete. But I digress.

Tomorrow is Scott's day to get up with the kids and let me sleep in. We alternate mornings. I always get up and take them to school every day, but him getting up allows me the chance to actually shower beforehand. Tonight, since I get to sleep in tomorrow, I drew a HOT bath. I have this great big garden jacuzzi tub, which I don't use near often enough. It takes like a half hour to fill, so you can't be very spontaneous. Anyway, I did a facial, complete with thermal enzyme mask. I shaved my legs. I gave myself a pedicure, to keep my feet flip-flop-fantastic as always. The water I was soaking in was so hot I had sweat pouring down my face. I got to read a few chapters of my latest book 'An Innocent, A Broad', by Ann Leary. (Good book. Ann is Denis Leary's wife, and the book talks about their baby being born prematurely at 25 weeks while they were visiting London. They were stuck there for several months. Very funny, very touching). I took a couple of Tylenol PMs to battle a slight headache and insure I sleep in tomorrow morning.

Oh, for more randomness, I've noticed this dark spot on our bedroom ceiling. Other than a few joking comments about a spider on the ceiling, I've ignored it and written it off as dirt. It's been there for a couple of months. Yes, I'm THAT lazy. Last night, I went and looked closer and figured out what it was. A FLY! Yes, a fly had died while on our ceiling and then just stayed there.

I also had a good laugh tonight when I saw a commercial for the Dead Zone. I've become addicted to it lately, which is a good thing since I've just discovered it and they are on like season 4. Gives me lots of old episodes to watch. If you aren't familiar, the guy is a touch psychic, played by Anthony Michael Hall (yes, THAT Anthony Michael Hall, although you would never recognize him). In the commercial, he strokes a cat and sees eight unique death scenes for the cat. Many of which involved the cat chewing on a cord and getting electrocuted. Cats. Do they never learn? *laugh*

Enough rambling! I need to read more and go to sleep!


( 3 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )
Jul. 16th, 2005 06:44 am (UTC)
Nice job tanning!

Weather has been totally crazy here as well.

I envy your tub!
Jul. 16th, 2005 06:47 am (UTC)
Your tub rocks. I could get in, but wouldnt be able to get out.
Spots on ceilings that stay normally mean house spiders around here with lil babies. They get killed fast.
Dead Zone- Rocks my world. The commercial with the girls doll= me laughing at the boy who looks deranged! Oh my.. I havent missed an episode out of all the seasons.
Yay for being able to sleep in, but how do you do with the kids?

8lbs in a week on Atkins? Im thinking I just need to starve myself for a few weeks and that should do it. But the idea of bacon all the time, well thats just heaven!
Jul. 16th, 2005 02:46 pm (UTC)
I used to always wake up whenever the kids made noise. I still do usually, but I SOMETIMES can go back to sleep if Scott quickly goes out of the room and closes the door. That's why I took the Tylenol PM to help keep me drowsy. Our kids don't leave their room until we come get them, instead they just get up and play in there until we tell them it's time to come out for breakfast. I'm still amazed they still obey they particular rule when there isn't anything keeping them in. We're trying to teach them that they can leave to go to the bathroom, and they seem to be catching on to that extension to the rule.

As for Atkins, Scott hasn't really been eating bacon much. He cooks eggs for breakfast, sometimes plain, sometimes with ham mixed in. Lunch is generally a salad, with lettuce, cucumber, and a couple of other approved veggies and approved dressing. Dinner will be a nice steak, a couple of veal chops, pork chops, something like that, which are grilled and spiced, along with a cup of vegetables like broccoli or mushrooms. There are only certain veggies you can eat during induction. For drinks, unsweetened tea, things sweetened with Splenda (that's what he does with his coffee now is sweeten it with splenda), water, etc.

I can't believe he's doing so good with it, and am really proud of him. I hope he reaches his goal of losing at least 50 pounds. I think he would be much happier and definately much healthier.
( 3 thoughts — Whatcha' think? )