trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Trish, the new pool owner

I checked out the pool at lunch and it was nice and cool/warm, so I decided the boys would get to swim today. I got them all psyched up on the way home from school and up pops some odd summer storm. Rained like crazy for about 15 minutes. Then it was GONE. I gave it another 30 minutes, and then finished getting them swim-ready. We went out to the pool and they had a GREAT time. Matthew learned a valuable lesson. He had been doing great with going underwater for a few seconds. For some reason, he put his face underwater and just sat there. Then he tried to breathe through his nose. He knew he needed to keep his eyes and mouth closed, but didn't realize he couldn't BREATHE underwater! He sputtered and I was sitting there watching the whole thing, so he was ok. He knows now! :) Michael still won't give up his ring, no matter what we tell him, but I'm sure that will pass. They were very good about getting out of the pool when I asked them to. Maybe this pool thing will turn out ok.

I also went by the pool supply company and got some underwater patches (Thanks ditz_35801!!!), along with a small skimmer. Go me. I'm a pool owner. It's a small pool, but a pool nonetheless.

I'm happy because I heard from Nancy, a good friend from Huntsville last night when I couldn't sleep. I'm happy because my boss says my promotion paperwork is with the VP today. I'm happy because I'm about to graduate. I'm happy because we booked our trip to Indiana, so we get to take the kids to see family for a week.

I'm unhappy because Matthew keeps waking up with nightmares. Off to comfort him again.
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