trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Someone stop me

I need to be stopped before I spend again!!!

I 'owed' our family a portable DVD player, since I didn't get home in time for Scott to get a cheap one a couple of weeks ago. So, I had budgeted an amount equal to one of the cheaper ones into this month's money. Today, I went to get it, and compared the actual quality of several of them, so I ended up spending $20 more than I had planned because the sound and video quality on the others just SUCKED in comparison. So, I ended up with this one. Hope it keeps the kids occupied when we go to Indiana next month and for many future road trips!

Now, that was an expense I had PLANNED for. The next one was the devil taking over my body. I SWEAR! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I went to several stores this morning (around a doctor's visit to recheck my back) and priced pools. The boys seemed to have such fun swimming and made such improvements and I KNOW I never take them to our neighborhood pool which is always incredibly crowded....yeah, excuses like that....and I ended up coming home with a pool. It's 13 feet across, 3 feet deep, comes with a ladder, filter, ground tarp and pool cover. I also got the water treatment, some pool noodles, a raft for MOMMY, and things like that. Since Michael is so badly sunburned, I also got some waterproof 50 kids sunblock to see if it does better than his last one, which was only 35. As he is so sunburned, it will be several days at least before they could swim, but it gives me time to set it up, get the water treated, and figure out how to maintain it properly.

Selfish moment: I bought it for the kids, but now I can't wait to set it up. I have this image of being able to go out after the kids go to bed and be able to float around on the raft and read until the sun goes down.

This also means I need to put the childproof doorknob thing back on the back door just to make SURE that the kids don't slip out because they want to swim. I should put a high latch on the door like we have on the front. Yep. Think I'll do that. I'm a super paranoid mommy, but better safe than sorry.

I am so excited about the new toys.
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