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Great weekend

When Scott got up with the boys on Saturday morning, they had decided to dress themselves. Great. Right? Well, he didn't realize that in doing so, Matthew had pulled out one of the drawers and stepped in it, jumped in it, SOMETHING. Whatever he did, we couldn't fix it. This was a wonderful, solid chest of drawers, that had a changing table on the top that converted to a bookshelf. Now, it had a drawer where the metal runners were mangled and broken. You can't even get the drawer out at all, and it wouldn't close.

So, we went off to Wal-Mart and got them two chests, pretty cheap. This is a GOOD thing, because the four drawers were not enough to hold their clothes. These are neat little maple chests, which we wouldn't care if they tore up. The box shows other things in the same line, so I thought I could piece by piece buy things like matching bookcase headboards, night stands, things like that. I got all excited, then I started looking for price. I had visions of building them an inexpensive matching bedroom suit! WELL! Nobody except Wally-World carries this particular line of O'Sullivan products - you can't even order them from O'Sullivan direct! They are made especially for Wal-Mart and they don't have the rest of it anymore. DAMN! I guess I have to hit IKEA when they open next month. I'll try to find something in a pine or white that would go well with the maple.

Scott also thought that we should do SOMETHING during my vacation to have fun. So, here we are at Medieval Times for the first time:

We could have spent a pretty penny for the tickets, but we decided to spend a prettier penny and go 'royalty'. BTW - Not worth it. You get a color show guide and 'Behind the scenes' DVD. That's what distinguishes 'royalty' from everyone else. So, $200 for tickets!! OUCH!!! They tell you to get there no LATER than 6:30. We did. Why? It's so you will spend money and get drunk. That's about it. They don't even seat you until 8:00 when the show starts. So, for an hour and a half, Scott and I drank (me out of this punchbowl sized glass of Strawberry Daquari) and the boys had a duel on the dance floor. Michael and Matthew had virgin strawberry daquaries, and we had bought them these light up swords. Here are a few pictures. The first is my FAVORITE, because it is 'action'. Michael had just slain Matthew and he was having a 'death scene'.

Ok, so we know they had lots of sugar so far, and their already up half an hour past their bedtime before they seat us for the show. A two hour show. *laugh* Where they gave them two full-sized Pepsi's. That's fully caffeinated Pepsi's. To kids who NEVER have caffeine. Michael was literally BOUNCING in his seat and yelling for his knight. Matthew was staring slack-jawed (he didn't have as much soda or sugar).

I was amazed at the quality of the show though. I'm more used to SCA and RenFest quality sword fights. These guys go at it HARD and it is so well choreographed that they throw sparks when they hit and knock chunks out of their shields. Great show! Worth $200? Nope, but still a great show.

We put the kids to bed almost four hours past their bedtime, and they were still up by 6:00 am this morning. Damn, what does it take?

We went to a joint birthday party for two of our friend's little girls. It was a pool party, and it was so much better than when they went swimming on Monday! They even reversed roles again. Michael was so brave last week, with his floaties and ring, while Matthew wouldn't even let go of my hand even though he had floaties and a ring on. Today, Michael was only as brave as he was last week. Matthew, on the other hand, got better and better. He eventually got rid of the ring and had on just floaties. He would LEAP into the pool, go under, spit out any water he might have taken in, and just laugh. He was swimming across the full length of the pool. I couldn't believe it!!!! We swam until about 4:30, had cake, ate pizza, dried off.

Then we went to see Colleen's new house. I have a SERIOUS case of house envy! Their new house is backed by woods, so it feels way less 'suburban'. It's on a hill, so it isn't just flat, and there are actually LARGE TREES! The people in the house before them did a LOT of work. All of the walls are painted. It has all of the extras in, such as crown moulding, chair rails, marble countertops, wood floors, berber carpets, etc. The study downstairs has two walls covered in built-in bookshelves and integrated desk, all in solid oak. The play room has built in cabinets in one wall. Their master closet has THREE levels of rods in what has to be a 9 or 10 foot room, complete with shoe racks built-in across one wall. It's twice the size of our walk-in. The home theater has speakers installed in the walls and a recess for the big screen TV the guy let them buy. In the garage, he actually built in a recessed area for a fridge!! Oh yeah, we made the guys lift it up in there while we were there. Heh. THAT was funny to watch. God, that house is amazing. We couldn't afford anything like it. No way, no how. But at least I can go visit it now *laugh*

I have a nice toasty feeling on my skin now, so I took another notch off the white of my flesh. Michael and Matthew are what I feel REALLY bad about, though. I liberally put sunscreen on them, because they are WAY white. They don't spend a lot of time outdoors. Next to our friend's kids, they are pale as ghosts. After a couple of hours, I put more on them. Tonight, when giving them their bath, I noticed that Matthew has a couple of spots that are red, but Michael's back and shoulders are bright red. God, I let my kids roast! I feel absolutely horrible.

Either way, it was a really great weekend. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.

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