trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Is it a good day, or a bad day?

It has been a day of violent highs and lows.

We started out with the London bombings. Not only does it give flashbacks to the September 11 bombings, as well as concern for the people I know there. My prayers are with each and every person touched by these senseless acts.

Then, I went to take my Sociology CLEP exam. 90 minute test. Done in 20. Aced it. I left feeling great!

At 3, I had to take Michael for his second opinion with a pediatric urologist. I mentioned a few weeks ago that he had a UTI. What I didn't write much about was what happened afterwards. His doctor recommended we take him to a urologist, so we did. Neither of the boys are circumcised. The urologist took a look and said he had 'phimosis' (his foreskin isn't retracting at all) and needed to be circumcised. No discussion. No alternatives. Five minute office visit. I wasn't pleased. So, I did some research and found a pediatric urologist here in town. I figured I would take him to a different doctor and one devoted to children. This guy was GREAT with Michael, did a sonogram to check his kidney and bladder function, spent a lot of time discussing things with me. He showed where he actually has a ring of scar tissue and that is what is causing the phimosis. Bottom line, yes he must be circumcised. We have already started explaining to him how he will look different from his brother. Tomorrow I should find out when he will have it done. Having it done on a Friday, he will probably be ok to go back to school by Tuesday. In a couple of weeks, he should be back to 'normal'. Whatever that means. *laugh* I'm learning so much more about the penis than I ever thought I would!

So, big low, big high, big low. and we'll see where the night goes.
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