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Bring it on, part two

Ok, I have taken EVERY study test available for the Sociology CLEP exam, and make a scaled grade of A for every single one. I'm ready. Test is at 10:00 tomorrow at the Spring Creek Campus of CCCCD (or is that CCCD, or still not enough C's?). It should only take me a couple of hours, and I hope they give us the results immediately since it is a CBT.

Then I can move forward to refreshing for my DSST Drug and Alcohol Addiction test. Ummm, not that I've studied it before, but I have put in some field research in my time :) Along with a mother-in-law that is a substance abuse counselor and the free access to two drug and alcohol abuse textbooks through the University, I hope that one can be punched out in a matter of weeks.

Then it's 'Here's To Your Health', which is a test on general health topics: cholesterol, your heart, blood pressure, common medications, things like that. Umm, not sure how to study for that one, and outside of an iStudySmart 'study module' for it which I can't seem to find ANY information about, and it costs $150, I will just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

Off to bed so I'm fresh for the test tomorrow! Then my life will come back from its state of anomie (normlessness or a personal unease due to a lack of purpose) and farther away from the brink of anomic suicide. See! I've been studying! Wouldn't Emile Durkheim be proud?


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Jul. 7th, 2005 09:08 am (UTC)

Now fingers, toes, eyes and brains are crossed for you.

Balls and kidneys are, unfortunatelly, not available for this activity.

You will do so well, you know.

What does CLEP stand for?
Jul. 7th, 2005 12:41 pm (UTC)
College Level Examination Program. It's a way to 'test out' without having to take a class. You can choose an area you already know, or choose to study on your own for it.

I'm kind of glad you aren't able to cross your balls. It sounds painful *laugh*
Jul. 7th, 2005 12:44 pm (UTC)
Well, Lance Armstrong and I share the inability to cross those.
Jul. 7th, 2005 12:51 pm (UTC)
Hey, and you both prove those aren't necessary to make you a man :)

We're all missing body parts. Well, not ALL of us, but I'm gall bladder-less and mono-ovarian *laugh* We just get rid of what gives us problems and go on from there.
Jul. 7th, 2005 12:56 pm (UTC)
Well, I can say that we all have guts!
Jul. 7th, 2005 08:19 pm (UTC)
Good luck on all your upcoming tests!

Will you be having a graduation party?
Jul. 7th, 2005 09:19 pm (UTC)
I think we will be having a party out someplace. I've talked about it with some friends, and I'll post something letting you guys know! :)
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