trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Bring it on, part two

Ok, I have taken EVERY study test available for the Sociology CLEP exam, and make a scaled grade of A for every single one. I'm ready. Test is at 10:00 tomorrow at the Spring Creek Campus of CCCCD (or is that CCCD, or still not enough C's?). It should only take me a couple of hours, and I hope they give us the results immediately since it is a CBT.

Then I can move forward to refreshing for my DSST Drug and Alcohol Addiction test. Ummm, not that I've studied it before, but I have put in some field research in my time :) Along with a mother-in-law that is a substance abuse counselor and the free access to two drug and alcohol abuse textbooks through the University, I hope that one can be punched out in a matter of weeks.

Then it's 'Here's To Your Health', which is a test on general health topics: cholesterol, your heart, blood pressure, common medications, things like that. Umm, not sure how to study for that one, and outside of an iStudySmart 'study module' for it which I can't seem to find ANY information about, and it costs $150, I will just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.

Off to bed so I'm fresh for the test tomorrow! Then my life will come back from its state of anomie (normlessness or a personal unease due to a lack of purpose) and farther away from the brink of anomic suicide. See! I've been studying! Wouldn't Emile Durkheim be proud?
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