trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Happy Fourth!

Today, Scott woke up with excrutiating pain in his foot. It's a problem he is used to having crop up every so often, but this was unexpected. He usually can feel the tingling and swelling a few days before it comes on. (And no, we don't know EXACTLY what it is. Best guess by the doctors right now is either arthritis or gout. I doubt arthritis, because it would be much more consistent if that were the case). So, he took care of the kids (my day to sleep in, although I did offer to get up instead) and then took a Lortab and got on the couch.

After I got up, showered and got ready for the Fourth of July party at a friend's house, Matthew started saying his tummy hurt. A bit later, Scott gave him a timeout for something, and he started crying. Then he REALLY started saying his tummy hurt. We could hardly get a word out of him around the crying and clutching at his stomach. Then he went and laid down in his bed. A little while later, he fell asleep.

Scott had already bowed out of going. I decided that since Matthew was complaining about his stomach and had fallen asleep, Michael and I would just go by ourselves.

We spent a while swimming and enjoying ourselves, and then I got a phone call with daddy telling me that Matthew was MAD, and Matthew yelling at me through tears. I left Michael with our friends, and went to bring Matthew over. When I walked in this house, he came up to me and said:

"Mommy! When I woke up, you were not here. And Michael was not here. And I was SO MAD!"

*laugh* He even punched his little fist up and down to make his point.

We spent a few more hours over there. Michael spent about four hours swimming like a fish. We finally figured out to put a ring around him along with his floaties. It gave him the support he needed, and within minutes he was leaping into the pool and swimming around. Matthew was a little less sure. He spent about an hour only swimming while holding my finger hard enough to cut off the circulation. Towards the end of the night, he got comfortable enough to walk around the hot tub unaided.

Needless to say, they went to sleep the SECOND they hit their beds. God love em. Wish I could do that with them every day.

I think I'll step outside now that it's dark and see if there are any fireworks tonight.

Oh yeah. And I lost my shorts. They're over there somewhere, but I had to wear my swimsuit wrap home as pants. Thank goodness for that, at least. Just looked like a MIGHTY short skirt *laugh* Sad thing is, I wasn't drinking. Just couldn't keep up with my own pants, I suppose.
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