trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

We don't need no Roger Waters

Scott and I were looking forward to the Live 8 concerts. At one point, he was seriously considering flying to London just to be there for the Pink Floyd reunion. We wisely decided to just experience it through TV. You could see more anyway. :) So, we recorded it and just got around to watching it all was EIGHT HOURS after all.

A couple of notes:

- I'm REALLY glad we didn't go. I was looking forward to seeing Roger back with the band. We went to see Pink Floyd (minus Waters) many years ago and laughed about the rift between him and Gilmore. They actually SANG 'We don't need no Roger Waters'. I wonder if the problems began because Roger Waters seems to have lost his voice? Gilmore and the rest were SUPERB in the concert. Roger Waters was disappointing, to say the least. He no longer has the same voice and it was distracting.

- MTV pisses me off to NO END. They have their own agenda, and it seemed to be messing with the people who were just watching the show. Anyone that you wanted to see, they without fail either came in late to the song, or cut them off early. They did it to Coldplay, Sting, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, and even Paul McCartney!!!!! Bastards! You do NOT mess with my Beatles. They seemed to let the 'current' big bands play through - Will Smith, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, people like that. I'm glad they let Will Smith play through, because I really like him. The only 'major' band they let play their whole song (well, they played, but it didn't get played fully on TV) was The Who. Of course they do this because they want you to go buy it online or get the DVD later. It didn't stop it from pissing me off.

- Rob Thomas doesn't do anything with his 'own' band anymore. He just sings duets with well-known stars. I think it's his niche.

Ok, since I'm on a music run, unrelated to Live 8.

- Tonight I watched the season finale for 'Hit me baby one more time'. Is it just me, or did the male lead in Animotion become hot sometime over the last 20 years? He wasn't back then that I remember, but he is somewhat now. Unexpected.

- Speaking of hot, I'm watching the Garbage FREEview. Damn. Shirley Manson is quite the babe. She makes me hot. Heh. "Bend me. Break me. Anyway you need me. All I want is you."

I get to sleep in tomorrow, and then we're going to Kim's for the 4th. Just going to chill by the pool, grill out, and let the kids run wild. Drinking is still undecided after Friday night *laugh*
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