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The good days

I've had some really good days this week, and made some finds.

The kids really like it when Aunt Jill comes over. I didn't want to get pizza or anything like that, so I decided to actually cook. It was fantastic! We had pinwheel steaks, filled with swiss cheese, spinach and roasted red bell peppers, and steamed asparagus and potatoes. YUMMY. It was a very comfortable night. The kids played out in the backyard with their water pistols until the dogs got out of control (it drives them wild), we put the kids to bed, then watched a little TV. I really enjoy talking to Jill!

Last night, however, was not near as 'comfortable' *laugh*

I had some points that were about to expire from all of my stays at Westin and W hotels, so I used some of them to get $100 Gap gift card. I went and ordered a couple of pair of jeans from the store. Since I still had about $30 left on my Nordstrom's gift card from Mother's day, I went in there to look around. Shopping makes me feel better when I'm down. True retail therapy :) I know that's sick, but it's better than self-medicating or anything like that!

I had found a couple of shirts and a pair of white yoga pants, so I supplemented my gift card JUST A LITTLE. As I was checking out, I happened to mention how hard it is to find jeans that fit well and are long enough. The sales girl took me over to see some JAG jeans. OH. MY. GOD. These are the best jeans EVAH! They are so soft they don't even feel like denim and they fit like a dream. I couldn't decide between the straight leg and the boot cut, so I got both. Amazingly, these jeans are only $10 more than the Gap jeans, so I know where I'm shopping from now on!!! I also stopped by the book store, and got several books to keep me busy for for a little while.

Then, it was time to go pick up Angela and go to Griselle's birthday party. Griselle is one of our single friends, divorced a couple of years now. The party was at Obzeet, which turned out to be a really cool place. It's a furniture and home decor place, but in back there is a bar. I never knew it! It's really funky, with white christmas lights all over the ceiling and a big outdoor patio, complete with a pond and plastic flamingos. On Friday and Saturday nights they have live music, but you can still hold a conversation. Angela and I split a bottle of wine. Then Kim showed up, and the three of us split a bottle of wine. Then a third bottle of wine. THEN we bought buttery nipple shots for ourselves and Griselle, and the bar gave Griselle a cigar. By this time, Ang was having a little...trouble moving around without bumping into things.

HERE'S THE CATCH: Did I mention that I forgot to eat dinner, so this was all on an empty stomach except for some chips I snacked on there?

Problem here is that I made a deal with Scott to come home so he could go to this CompUSA sale to buy a portable DVD player for our trip to Indiana. When I talked to him, he told me to be home by 9....30.....9. So, we got this stupid idea that we would move the party to our house and watch movies and KEEP DRINKING!!!!

Ang, Kim and I made it to the house, and almost got there by the time I thought I needed to be home by. Turns out the sale was from 9 to 10, and Scott couldn't have gotten there. I feel like shit about that. He really wanted to go. So, now I'll have to buy him a portable DVD player.

Thankfully, nobody else came to the house, because we had regained our sanity by the time we got here. Ang was sick, so Kim took her home. I spent a while having a great conversation with georgiaskydiver. Damn, I wish we lived closer to each other! We seem to get along so well, and are kindred spirits. I fell asleep later and then woke up about 3 with a splitting headache. Oh yeah, and still drunk. I went to take some tylenol and drink lots of water. As soon as I put the tylenol in my mouth, I had to pop them right back out because I knew it was my time for my body to try to get rid of whatever was making me feel so bad. Quickly. And Violently. But like it normally happens, I felt MUCH better then. It's been a REALLY long time since I've been so drunk I was sick. Probably years.

As bad as I ended up feeling from drinking too much, I had a really good time shopping, drinking and hanging out with friends. I also have some great new clothes and plenty to read! I think this week has been the start of an upswing in my mood. I hope so!!! Now, off to lay unmoving on the couch for a few hours :) Maybe eat something.
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