trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Random pictures

Michael and Matthew had their 'boy time' out with Daddy the other night, and I finally downloaded some pics from it. It's an honest fluke that they are dressed alike. It doesn't happen that often. Michael is on the left, Matthew on the right. Here are the boys in full safety gear, on their scooters in front of the house:

Also, in the spring, the boys started some Sunflowers from seeds that I put in their Easter basket (sounded better than lots of candy, so they got Sunflowers, pumpkin and watermelon seeds). When they had sprouted enough, I let them put the plants back in my garden. Now they ARE my garden. When you look, you just see their sunflowers. A few years back, I planted some sunflowers, but they were only about 5 feet high and had small flowers, but lots of them. These plants are monsters. When you look at the photo below, keep in mind that our fence is EIGHT FEET TALL!!!! Needless to say, the boys are VERY PROUD of their plants!

Finally, a pic of my coveted and finally mine coffee table. It just doesn't do it justice *laugh* That's my silly Pepper dog in front of it.

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