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The family grows

It was something Scott has often teased about, but today it got serious. We're thinking about getting another ferret. Scott had one, Natasha, when we started dating, and over our years together, that grew to three with the addition of Nikita (Nikki) and Nadezhda (Mutant). Natasha was over nine when she passed away from insulinoma, and both Nikki and Mutant passed from the same thing both around age 7. That was maybe 6 years ago, and we've been ferret free ever since.

Well, today, Scott joked that we were going to get a ferret. Then we got to talking about it. I wanted to make sure he was serious and that he agreed to helping with the upkeep. We almost got one at the pet store, because we were amazed that they had exactly three ferrets and they looked very similar to Nikki, Tasha and Mutant! I said not now. We needed to plan this out, figure out what we still have and what we need to buy after all of these years.

Turns out we gave our big multi-level cage to someone 4 or 5 years ago. Damn. Well, I've done some research and got it down to two or three cages. I've asked some other ferret owners on LJ for their opinions, and told Scott that I would buy the cage if he bought the ferret and other accessories (turns out to be about even).

I'm actually getting excited about this, on the one hand. I loved our ferrets and it would be so nice to have a little carpet shark around again! I think the boys would really enjoy it. I do still have this moment of hesitation, or maybe it's laziness, because I know if we get a kit we'll have to spend a LOT of time training it to use the litter, how rough they can play with a human, and not to bite. Once you get past that stage, they are pure joy!!! Who knows, after training two boys, maybe a single ferret will be a breeze!

Nikki and Scott

Sydney (our cat, who lives with my mom right now because Matthew is allergic), Nikki and Natasha


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