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I had a horrible dream last night, and it included many people that I know in Huntsville. I won't mention names, because I don't like for people to feel weirded out. :)

There was a large party in a big house. Downstairs in the basement there was music blaring and throngs of people dancing. Upstairs, there were food areas (including a small display of Krispy Kremes), groups talking and a nice circuit for you to wander through everything in a big circle. There was even a second floor, but it wasn't as crowded. There had to be hundreds of people in this house. A friend of mine had a video camera, but he wanted to LIVE the party instead of documenting it, so I took his video camera to do it for him. It was a small one that attached to your waist and had a cable coming off with a small handheld lens about the size of most cell phones now. (Yes, odd, I know). I walked around the party making sure to get lots of video of the different groups. People I knew, and he knew, got singled out to goof off for the camera and say things.

Later, I got tired and my back hurt, so I gave the video camera back and went next door to a small trailer to sleep. I guess I had in ear plugs and had taken medication (which only came out later in the dream), because I slept the sleep of the dead. When I work up, it was still night out, but I could see flashing lights. I went around to look out the windows and my heart stopped.

The house where the party was happening had burned to the ground. The firemen were still hosing down to cool things off, and there were some people milling around watching. I grabbed a robe and went out crying. I just wanted to find out if people were killed or if everyone got out. I assume that it was bad news because I woke up very shaken.

I know this was a stress dream because I'm getting my back done this morning, but it doesn't make the feeling of the dream less sad. I never dream about something happening to me. That's not the worst thing I could think of. I have nightmares about something happening to my kids, or Scott, or my friends. To me, that's worse than something happening to yourself and that's how my stress manifests itself.

With the recognition that it's just a stress dream, I do hope everyone in Huntsville is ok.
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