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Oh yeah...and I'm very excited about a business trip I'm
taking the 23rd through the 26th. Usually when I travel for
work it is primarily to the Bay area or Boston. I get to
go to Austin for four days!!!! I'm spending the Sunday before
my meeting with Meg, a dear friend who moved away from us
and I miss her, her husband and their son IMMENSELY! I also
(hopefully) get to see Lethe on one of the days after I get
out of my meeting.

The good thing is that they scheduled the meetings only from
9 am until 2 pm, so that we could get 'other work' done and
account for time differences with others on the call. That means
that if I get a good deal of work done in the mornings (which
since my boys usually have me up at the crack of dawn won't be
any problem), I will have a good portion of my day in Austin.
When I go to the Bay area, I don't feel like I have any time
to do anything. They work you until 6 pm (8 pm to MY BODY) and
then I'm dead tired two hours after getting out of work!

(Can you tell I'm actually looking forward to this trip?)

Lethe - email me! When do you want to get together?
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