trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Is it Sunday already?

The pain in my back has let up a little bit, and feels more like bugs crawling under the skin. It's an artifact of the nerves being damaged and I knew it was coming. It doesn't make it any less weird though.

I love to hear the developing sense of humor of kids. Last night, Michael was teasing Matthew and he was telling him his name is Matthew William Hot Dog. :) The other day, Scott was threatening to tickle Matthew. Matthew twisted his finger around, pointing at Scott and, with a grin, said 'I'm not afraid of YOU!'. They are starting to really laugh at more subtle jokes on shows, and even make some of their own. I just think it's fascinating to see their mind start to create things that are original instead of just spewing what they have seen or learned.

Oh, you also have to laugh at mispronunciations. Michael asked me to tell him about his 'Urnery Track'. Took me a minute to figure out he was asking about his Urinary Tract Infection. *laugh*

Scott should come back late tonight. Thank goodness. It's been a hard weekend alone with the kids, but we've had fun. While we haven't been able to be active, we've tried to be mentally stimulating. We're working on our letters, and writing them. They are still having such a hard time recognizing letters out of context, so we're just going to go through the alphabet two letters at a time and not move on to the next set until they can consistently recognize and write the current two.

Ok, back to bed to watch Batman with the boys.
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