trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

All I want is a coffee table!

I'm feeling a little better this morning than I did last night after the local wore off of my back :) The pain from the procedure has reached a level where the pain killers and ice can manage it. It's all downhill from here. YAY! I've still got my mom here for a few more hours before I have to take over with the kids, so I'm going to stay in bed as long as I can. I got up to fix their breakfast then came right back to bed with some ice.

Matthew seems to have gotten a cold, so he coughed all last night and is pretty grumpy. We're giving him cold medicine and I hope that makes him feel a little better. I don't like to see my Matthew grumpy!

Michael surprised us all this morning. He's been on a serious independence kick lately, and this morning he got up, went to the potty, washed his hands, put his nighttime pullup in the pail, went and picked out underwear and clothes and got himself dressed. He actually picked out clothes that look good together (tan shorts and a navy blue Bob the Builder t-shirt). This was actually a big help so my mom didn't have to do it. He seems to have really taken it to heart when I told him that since Mommy had a bad boo-boo on her back that he and Matthew would really have to be helpers this weekend and do lots of things for themselves.

Colleen and her family move in a couple of weeks, and I'm pretty damn sad about it (as I've mentioned before). She's having a garage sale this weekend (which I was supposed to also take part in but the back thing, ya know?). Michael LOVES garage sales. Asks to go to them all the time. So, when he found out they were having a garage sale, he wanted to go. Problem was, they had already shut it down yesterday when he got home from school. Colleen told him that later in the day, she would open up the garage sale just for him. She called last night after dinner and I hobbled over there with the kids so Michael could see the garage sale. He was SO FUNNY! This is a little boy SERIOUS about his sales! He was in the garage wandering around looking at everything she had. Now, you have to understand that this was all household items. There weren't really any kids things outside of a couple of video tapes. Riley, Colleen's daughter and their friend since birth (they are three months apart) came out and kept saying 'Michael, come inside to play'. Michael kept telling her 'After the garage sale, Riley'. *laugh* He ended up picking out a video tape, and Colleen bagged it up for him and he thanked her and was ready to go home. This kid slays me with how serious and mature he acts sometimes.

Colleen is trying to sell most of their furniture so they can start new with furniture that better suits the new house. They sold their 60" TV, formal dining room furniture, master bedroom suite, and more. They are trying to sell the couch and love seat from their family room. What they don't have for sale is what I really want *laugh* They have this great huge wooden coffee table in there, with big, deep drawers across it. It's a really sturdy thing, and just the type of coffee table I've been looking for the past year, but couldn't afford to pay the 500-1000 that everyone seems to want. She knows this and has agreed that if someone buys the couch and love seat, she'll let me buy the coffee table (and matching end tables, I would assume, but I don't care as much about them). If nobody buys the couch and love seat, they are taking them with them along with the coffee table that matches them so well.

PLEASE! Someone go over there in the next four hours and buy the damn couch and love seat so I can replace the rickety wicker storage box I currently use for a coffee table with a sturdy item we can enjoy and play games on for years to come! It's not too much to ask.
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