trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Restful weekend

It's been a great weekend so far.

Last night, Brett and Angela came over with their girls. While the kids ate in the kitchen (hot dogs and mac n cheese), the adults ate a fine meal in the dining room. Scott cooked bacon wrapped filet, asparagus, bakes potatoes and mushrooms sauteed in wine sauce. Afterwards, Michael and Matthew played with Trini and Kayln, watching Racing Stripes, playing computer games, snuggling and running around. The adults went upstairs and watched Stars Wars: Episode III (Shh. Don't ask.) It was a nice evening. I didn't drink too much, but Scott had his fill of tequilla. I think he's regretting it today.

This morning, the boys actually slept in until 8:30. Well, that's when they finally woke me up. They didn't get to bed until 10:30, which is 3 hours past their bedtime, so I had hoped they would sleep in a little bit. After breakfast I cut their hair and it looks cute! We're going to have a long bath in a little while, where they can splash and play all they want.

Tonight, Scott wants to camp out in the backyard. He got a 9'X9' tent a few weeks ago, and we're going to dig out flashlights and see if the boys will stay outside. I'm going to try to sleep out with them, but I'm going to inflate a twin sized air bed. They can sleep in their sleeping bags if they want, but momma ain't doing it :) I think it will be fun, and I hope they enjoy it. Scott has this idea that since the gate is locked we can send the kids out to camp out by themselves in the backyard. That doesn't sit right with momma either. If I tried to do that, I know I would just sit awake by the back windows watching them all night. I think they are too young at 4 to do it by themselves, so at the very least, I'll be camping out with them tonight. I'll try to make Scott do it too, since it was his idea. *grin*

Off to bathe the kids!
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