trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

The Beatles Office

Ok, I've mentioned many times about the Beatles stuff I surround myself with in my home office, but have never gotten around to taking pictures. Today, I got off my lazy ass and took some. A few are a bit blurry, but that's what you get with quick shots and only one take. You'll get the idea though.

Maybe one day I'll get around to photographing some of my first run Beatles vinyl. :)

Of course, you all know my Sheltie's registered name is Shadow's Sgt. Pepper *laugh*

It's an obsession.

First, my pride and joy. My gold Sgt. Pepper's album with signed cover art. I brought this back from Hawaii where I bought it five years ago.

Here are a few more pictures, including a signature from the artist for the Sgt. Pepper's cover. The big John Lennon was what started it all when a friend had it sitting in her attic and I FREAKED. She gave it to me as a housewarming gift. :)

My other two 'collections' in there are Corgi metal figures (of which I have the Magical Mystery Tour bus, Yellow Submarine, Rita Meter Maid and the Newspaper Taxi), and both full sets of McFarlane figures for Yellow Submarine.

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