trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Where did THAT come from?

Ok, I went ballistic on our yard guy. I think it was warranted, Scott thinks I could have handled it a little better.

We have two dogs, which we bring inside on the days our yard service comes. The backyard is normally locked, from the inside, so that nobody can open the gate and let the dogs out. On yard days, when we bring the dogs in after their morning run, we unlock the gate.

Today, it was almost time to go get the kids and the dogs had been in all day. We let the dogs out, locked the back gate (in case they came while we were gone) and went to grab a bite to eat on the way to get the kids. The plan was to come back, bring the dogs in and unlock the gate.

As we pulled up, I saw some of the family sitting around the side of the house. When we went into the alley, the main guy came around and told me that back gate was locked. I said yes, I know. We locked it when we went to get the kids and we would bring the dogs in and let them in the back. AS we are pulling into the driveway, he tells me he thought we might have forgotten so they were trying to take the lock off the gate.


Sure enough, there is a large group of Mexican men standing around our back gate with some sort of wire trying to reach through, snag the lock (which is just looped through, not latched) and pull it off. Wait a FUCKING MINUTE (and Yes, I did scream something to this effect, cussing in front of my kids which is something I never do!). You don't think there is something wrong with BREAKING IN???

I can't believe someone would think this way. I need to cut your yard, so despite the fact that you have dogs in the backyard barking at me and have locked the gate from the inside, I'll just BREAK IN!

I would hope that if any of my neighbors had seen that they would have called the cops.

I'm so mad I almost forgot the GOOD news I had just gotten on the phone. My best friend Tina won her court case against her asshole ex by default, because he didn't show up for court, so she got an order of protection against him AND he's going to have to pay her lawyer's fees (if they can get it out of him). YAY! She had just called my cell right before we got to the house to tell me that. Maybe this time she'll see what trouble that type of man is and find a good one who will treat her the way I know she deserves to be treated. Go T-Bo! I love you so much, and I miss having you around.
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