trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Sports Kids Moms and Dads

I'm watching this new Sports Kids Moms and Dads and I noticed a stark contrast in two things and it almost made me sad to live in Texas. At one point, you are watching this boy on his football team. They are the focus of that part of the story. They show the cheerleaders on the sidelines, and they are SO CUTE! They have their hair up and are peppy, making their little kicks and jumping up and down.

Then they go to another kid being followed - a young competitive cheerleader. What a difference when contrasted with the young football team cheerleaders! These kids are made up like dolls, and everyone is so perfect. She has no fat on her body, moves in ways that don't seem natural. She is doing moves you would usually see in a strip club. She's like 8 or something!

I seem to notice these things because the gymnastics summer camp that the boys have gone to for the past few years is also a cheerleading camp. They PUSH those kids so much and I can't imagine what these people are going to do later in life? Be cheerleading coaches? I know that there is nothing wrong with giving your all in ANY sport you enjoy, but this doesn't look like it's for enjoyment anymore when you cry because you messed up and keep going despite getting your teeth knocked out!

Maybe I'm just jealous because I never was the cheerleader type. Or the sorority type. Or the 'perky girl'. Gah - who needs it? :)

Yeah, I tried once.

I used to cheer over at Stoner Field in Huntsville. Dig those pom-poms on my shoes! Little did I know 'Stoner Field' would mean a lot more to me than cheerleading *laugh*
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