trshtwns01 (trshtwns01) wrote,

Ahhh...spending money.

I've had that Nordstrom's gift card burning a hole in my wallet since Mother's Day. I KNOW Scott didn't want me to go to Nordstrom Rack, but I wanted to get the most for the money. It was a good call! I went today and decided that instead of getting just clothes and shoes - I have enough of those! - I would see what I could get to indulge myself.

I found some gorgeous 600 thread count sheets. My GOD! They feel WONDERFUL! I want to go to sleep RIGHT NOW!

I also got a few tanks, a t-shirt and some great cream colored slingback heels, which I have needed for a while. Not having cream dressy shoes has been a complaint a long time :)

Outside of shopping euphoria, I'm starting to pack for Huntsville. Mom and I have to leave really early Friday morning to catch an 8:00 flight out of Love Field. I'm starting to get excited, which probably means this will be one of the boring trips *laugh* It's when I have no expectations that I have a better time. What sucks is that I feel like I've got a sinus infection starting.

Just one more day of work!!! One the work front, I turned in all of my documentation to my boss today in HOPES of a promotion. He's putting me up for one with the VP, and it's very overdue. I certainly hope she sees it in the work and the documentation, since I'm fairly new to her organization. PULL FOR ME! I NEED this promotion as I have been locked in the same grade for five years. :)
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